A means of delving into self exploration and healing through artistic mediums, meditation, symbology, tarot, vision quests and sound.

Align and Create your soul’s purpose and vision.

Visionary Art Therapy is an alchemical experience to enlighten consciousness, awaken one’s inner child and explore into the unknown within. Self Expression with intent is a means to comprehend deeper levels of being, process experiences and integrate insights.

Clients seeking Spiritual Guidance and insight into purpose, direction and mastery are invited to book a session. Visionary Art Therapy is open to those seeking short term or long term sessions, with the intent to heal past experiences, accelerate Self Realisation and align with higher states of being.

Visionary Art Therapy - 90mins - $100 Individual or Group Yoga Sessions- 60 minutes ( enquire for price ) Tarot Reading- 30 mins $50

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